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Cardiff Castle in Wales was the location of this project exercise. The manor house was finished in the 19th century, adding to the original roman fort that was built here in the first century. The clock tower at the site's entrance inspired this project's design, which aimed to intervene in the keep/mound with a space focused on the use of light and its contrasting shadow.

Astronomy and astrology were interests of the third earl of bute, who oversaw the castle's reconstruction. He constructed Cardiff castle's ornate clock tower. The principal features are seven oversized (nearly nine-foot-tall) roman god figurines that stand in for the planets. Each figurine clutches an astrological emblem as they stand on pedestals above their zodiac sign.  

These figures inspired to delve into a design that would make one feel like walking in space as they learn more about these planets/gods during their visit. Angled according to the sun, the seven single apertures represent the symbol of these planets. The roof consists of small elliptical apertures representing the other floating celestial bodies. The inside concrete wall is covered with magnificent space wallpaper, which could be changed occasionally. The sunlight filters through these openings at various times of the day, which upon reflecting the wall, creates an illusion of actually being in space.

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