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The Green Corridor

In the early nineteen-seventies, Liberty State park was used for various industrial purposes. As a result, the soil in the region is contaminated with heavy metals that prevent it from supporting plant life. Considering these present conditions, in order to rejuvenate the flora of the site, a greenhouse was an immediate necessity.

The green corridor gives the public a garden passageway as it diagonally connects the corners of the site. Within this corridor, a greenhouse functions as the main structure. This greenhouse functions as a closed, tight bubble that stores heat and energy so as to develop conditions for life to"thrive"- where the "bubble" can take the form of anything. this greenhouse provides the site with fertile conditions while also educating students by providing them with a kitchen classroom where they learn to cook with the plants and vegetables they nurture. The greenhouse transitions into a conservatory that nurtures flora not commonly found in new jersey, which would be used for research purposes by the liberty state science center.

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