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Nestled in Marfa, Texas, this cabin is a striking testament to beauty and innovation. Its location amidst the Marfa landscape accentuates its architectural brilliance. Notably, angled walls double as functional flaps, guiding air into the cabin, fostering a natural and comfortable indoor climate. This design marries functionality with artistry, lending a unique flair.

Ventilation is meticulously designed, employing the stack effect, allowing hot air to escape while drawing in cooler air. Cross ventilation ensures seamless airflow, with these flaps serving as its architectural foundation. Despite its modest size, every inch is optimized, creating an unexpectedly spacious and cozy living space.

The cabin's sustainable choice of construction material—mud bricks—offers insulation and durability suited to Marfa's climate. Mud bricks also reduce the project's carbon footprint, being locally sourced and eco-friendly. Their resistance to moisture is a valuable asset in this region, prone to frequent rainstorms.

This cabin's design epitomizes modern architecture, focusing on stack effect, cross ventilation, angled flap walls, and efficient space usage, all underpinned by the sustainable choice of mud bricks.

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