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Initially, the idea was to design a shelter for couples hiking on the Appalachian trail in the winter. Likewise, the inspiration to design this shelter was a geodesic dome, which is comparatively warmer and energy-efficient compared to other structures. Nonetheless, in due course of designing, new ideas and options for making an all-season shelter emerged while creating apertures in the solid and examining the following sun study. Therefore the new idea was to build an"all-season" shelter for the hiker couples.

The layout of the shelter is designed in a way that makes it camouflage in the surrounding environment. Apertures in the elevation have been designed in such a way that it allows more sunlight in the mornings and the afternoons. The nights are also warm since the energy received in the former part of the day is restored due to the geodesic structure.

The shelter restores the energy and nature dug out of the ground during its construction. After a thorough analysis of apertures, the sun, and its radiations, plantations have been grown in areas that receive the maximum amount of sunlight, making it a green and eco-friendly dome.

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