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"Architecture is an endlessly explorable enigma."

-Teeshane Shah

Aspiring Architect


ex 2 renders spring 23-12_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Explore the bird-inspired aviary where architecture seamlessly melds with nature, providing visitors with unmatched views of the surrounding landscape from an integral watchtower. (1).gif


Delve into the design of an innovative accessory dwelling unit (ADU), where moving walls seamlessly adapt to the current activity, allowing for optimal utilization of the available space.

ex 2 renders spring 23-06_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Explore the visionary project unfold as cabin aesthetics evolve into an elongated gallery, subtly merging with an artificial earth plinth featuring unique ramps offering fluid movement, while an enchanting stargazing roof weaves artistry into functionality.

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